9-Year Old Kade Wins First Adult event

It was a surprise to some but not for those that know him because 9-year-old Kade Fullarton lives and breathes golf. It’s what makes him tick!

With no school due to lockdown, it has allowed him to practice nearly every day, and even in lockdown when the golf courses were closed, he practiced daily and soaked up the tasks that Coach Calum had given him. Chipping in the garden, putting indoors and then he was allowed on the course. He knew he was playing well and was desperate to get his handicap down. It didn’t matter to him what event he was playing in, he just wanted to utilise his good form. 47 points from a 27 handicap is an outrageously good score, but a 9-year-old scoring 89 on the Griffin course from the white tees says a lot more. The fact that he beat 120 other competitors to win The Hospice Cup is neither here nor there, he won the event by 5 shots. This young man has a focus on him when he is on the golf course and in form. It is one of his strengths, that and his short game. His round reduces his handicap to 23 (22.7) and the following week his lower handicap did not spook him as in the Junior Summer Cup he scored 39 points and reduced his handicap again, this time to 21.9. If he keeps practicing and stays in love with the game of golf, there is a lot to look forward to.