Adult Group Golf Coaching

Ladies Golf Coaching & Mixed Group Coaching

There are classes every week that ladies are able to take part in:

group golf coachingTuesday 9.00am        Ladies Only     Coach: Calum

Tuesday 2.00pm        Mixed Class     Coach: Calum

Thursday 9.00am      Mixed Class     Coach: Sam

Friday 9.00am            Ladies Only     Coach: Calum

Saturday 3.00pm       Mixed Class     Coach: Calum

Students can book in and take part in any class that suits them and just pay as you go. No commitment required. The idea is that you take part when it suits you without feeling that you have to come each week. Each session is 60 minutes long and equipment can be supplied if need be. With the current pandemic all participants must pre-register for each session, with a maximum of 5 participants and the cost is £10 per booking.

The lessons are varied with one week on the range to work on swing technique, the next week on short game and the last one of each month experiencing the golf course. With this approach, you are never stuck on the range and actually get out onto the golf course very early in your golfing journey.

The cost is £10 per lesson.

DateGroup ClassEventTime/Coach
Friday 28th MayLadies OnlyOn the Course9.00am / Calum
Saturday 29th MayMixed ClassOn the Course3.00pm / Calum
Saturday 5th JuneMixed ClassRange3.00pm / Calum
Tuesday 8th JuneLadies OnlyRange9.00am / Calum
Tuesday 8th JuneMixed ClassRange2.00pm / Calum
Friday 11th JuneLadies OnlyRange9.00am / Calum
Saturday 12th JuneMixed ClassShort Game3.00pm / Calum
Thursday 17th JuneMixed ClassRange9.00am / Sam
Saturday 19th JuneMixed ClassRange3.00pm / Calum
Tuesday 22nd JuneLadies OnlyShort Game9.00am / Calum
Tuesday 22nd JuneMixed ClassShort Game2.00pm / Calum
Thursday 24th JuneMixed ClassShort Game9.00am / Sam
Friday 25th JuneLadies OnlyOn the Course9.00am / Calum
Saturday 26th JuneMixed ClassOn the Course3.00pm / Calum
Tuesday 29th JuneLadies OnlyOn the course9.00am / Calum
Tuesday 29th JuneMixed ClassOn the Course2.00pm / Calum
Saturday 3rd JulyMixed ClassRange3.00pm / Calum
Thursday 8th JulyMixed ClassShort Game9.00am / Sam
Friday 9th JulyLadies OnlyRange9.00am / Calum
Saturday 10th JulyMixed ClassShort Game3.00pm / Calum
Tuesday 13th JulyLadies OnlyRange9.00am / Calum
Tuesday 13th JulyMixed ClassRange2.00pm / Calum
Thursday 15th JulyMixed ClassRange9.00am / Sam
Friday 16th JulyLadies OnlyShort Game9.00am / Calum
Tuesday 20th JulyLadies OnlyShort Game9.00am / Calum
Tuesday 20th July Mixed ClassShort Game2.00pm / Calum
Thursday 22nd JulyMixed ClassShort Game9.00am / Sam
To sign up for Calum’s classes text Calum on 07703 174261 or email him at
To sign up for Sam’s Thursday classes text Sam on 07729 377939 or email him at