Another Year of Success

Let’s face it, Golf is Fun. It is a challenge that absorbs our mind and can distract us from anything else that is going on in our life. It allows us to make new friends and enjoy the outdoors. For some it allows us to recognise our inner competitive spirit and for others it is as simple as a personal challenge… but it is fun, right? Well, if it’s not then something is wrong.

Our Junior Academy continues to grow each year because of the fun, and because of the fun, kids stay in the sport and some fall in love with it. Their life skills are improved, their concentration improves and they learn to deal with failure, because even the best players in the world fail more than they succeed. Golf helps in the preparation for life!

In the summer of 2021 we filled over 220 spaces on our summer camp days. The previous year we had filled over 160 spaces and the growth has come from our participants as we did not advertise outside of our academy database. I guess, we create a fun environment that the kids love being part of … and of course the more they take part, the better they get. Another year of success? Yes, but not just in growing our numbers with juniors from all over Sussex taking part, but another season where the academy kids shine beyond their regular club too. Kade Fullarton (10) won the Steve Stone Trophy in the Sussex Under 14s Championship. Calean Dhami (11) ran away with the Sussex Under 12s Championship winning by 11 shots and Leo Cahi (12) claimed the Sussex under 13s.

It is a joy to see these kids progress as they get older and it will be interesting to see how they develop in the coming years. They were all part of the winning 2018 Sussex Sixes team and with Cottesmore winning the Sussex Sixes again in 2021, we wonder who the next champions are going to be… and of course I have not even mentioned the Taylor boys yet … watch this space!