Calum Callan PGA

A passionate golf coach with over 25 years of coaching experience. From beginners to elite players, Calum has a proven holistic approach incorporating technical, tactical, physical, and psychological learnings to assist the player to become the best that they can. This broader approach allows even the players with no practice time the ability to lower their scores and enjoy their golf more.

Having spent 20 years as Head Professional and Director of Golf at Cottesmore, Calum now spends all his time as a full-time coach and has developed an award-winning Junior Academy from scratch which now hosts over 100 days of activities every year for children aged 4 – 15 years. Within the ever-growing number of juniors at Cottesmore, the junior academy now boasts no less than 7 County Team players within its membership with many more expected to mature into the county and national teams and beyond. Calum has assisted players in receiving scholarships to Millfield School, Seaford College and Reigate Grammar as well as Golf Scholarships in the USA. In 2021 Calum was accorded the status of Specialist Coach of The Professional Golfers’ Association.

Cottesmore juniors’ successes are too numerous to mention but the academy’s growth and success earned Calum the 2013 ProShop Europe’s Junior Coach of the Year. The set up at Cottesmore that Calum has created is now being copied at many other clubs and Calum has encouraged and actively assisted in other clubs’ junior plans.

Calum has been lead coach for The Sussex Development Academy (North Region) while continuing to grow the game from within Cottesmore and he continuously adds to his learnings. Amongst many other qualifications, Calum is TPI certified and BodiTrak accredited.

Standard Fault Fixer Rates

Under 16s –   30 minute lesson £25

Adult –           45-minute lesson £48/ 60-minute lesson £60

Over 70s –      30/45 minute lesson £30/£40

What is Remote Coaching or Virtual Coaching

If you would like some help with your golf game and cannot find the time to see Calum in person, or if you travel a long distance for lessons, remote (virtual) coaching programs might just be the perfect fit. You can take advantage of the programs available from the comfort of your own home or even at your local driving range. The packages include video swing analysis (read the Get Ready Process) to live sessions. These have been proven to work during the lockdown in spring 2020. Calum uses CoachNow, V1 Golf, Whatsapp, Facetime, text, and emails as online coaching tools to train, coach, and build relationships with players. All this helps you, the player to develop your game.

Get Ready Process

Please follow these best practices when sending your video for review or LIVE sessions.

  • Email me your intentions and include what your shot patterns are.
  • Send a swing video, down the line and face on, via CoachNow or V1
    1. Place the phone camera in a stable position
    2. Have the phone camera set at 240 fps
    3. Set camera at waist level, face on and at 90 degrees to the target line
    4. Set camera at waist level, down the line, and through the hand parallel to the target line
    5. Have the camera in the same position for all videos
  • Calum will set up a call to discuss your swing live
  • Swing analysis will be confirmed on your CoachNow account